Bottom Line Law is a legal blog dedicated to the business of lawyering. From the exercise of selecting and managing a lawyer, to the nuts and bolts of transacting business and developing strategies in litigation, Bottom Line Law cuts through the chatter and get you to the bottom line. Fast. Because that’s what good lawyers do. Authored by Todd A. Higgins, Esq., managing partner of Crosby & Higgins LLP, Bottom Line Law answers your questions, examines common fact patterns, and weighs in on the major legal events of the day.

Bottom Line Law: A Legal Blog for Business

Everyone knows that lawyers are an indispensable part of life and business. We use lawyers in the best of times and in the worst of times. We use lawyers to build and sometimes to tear down. We ask lawyers to solve our problems and sometimes just to help us face them. Most important, we hire lawyers to tell us what they think. No, lawyers are not super heroes. But lawyers can be super important, especially when we need one. And sooner or later, everyone needs one. What we want is a good lawyer.